Shekinah Radio is a Christian radio station from Miami, Florida, USA, that provides Christian Education and Gospel music. Founded on December 3, 2012 by Tabernacle of Glory’s pastor Gregory Toussaint, the fast growing radio station has -after more than one year- touched many lives worldwide through the Internet and Shekinah Life, the Shekinah-customized radio set. The radio also has its own app on Google Play and App Store.
Shekinah Radio focuses on prayer, the Word of God, praise & worship, and spiritual warfare. The radio also casts the world news through a Christian perspective. The Hebrew word “Shekinah” simply means “Glory”. Shekinah Radio’s goal is to glorify and praise God. It also aims to make a maximum impact for the Lord by saving perishing souls and touching as much hearts as possible with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.
Shekinah currently broadcasts several shows such as:


-Leve nanm mwen ak Solèy la (6am – 7pm)
-Train de midi (12pm-1pm)
-Fernand Legrand (1pm – 2pm)
Détente musicale 5pm – 6pm
-Around the Table (7pm-8pm)
-Flamme de feu 6pm – 7pm
-TG Worship 8pm – 10pm
-Connection (10pm-12am)
-Cri d’Alarme (12am-3am)


People listen to Radio Shekinah mostly during the night. The radio programming was purposely built that way. Many people have troubles sleeping. Sometimes, they engage in spiritual warfare at night and they need some help in prayer. Our peak hours are from midnight to 3am. During that time, Radio Shekinah broadcasts worship songs, spiritual warfare prayers and sermons. For those who have some notions of spiritual warfare, this time slot (midnight to 3am) is very significant. It is usually at this time that people suffer evil attacks, what is called in Haiti “expedition.”
Some might think this kind of reality is unique to Haiti, they believe once the ocean is crossed, the influence of voodoo is gone. However, this is not a geographic matter, because the whole world is under the power of the Evil One. The enemy can strike anywhere at any time; it is important to be covered by the blood of Jesus.


In Florida, Radio Shekinah is broadcast live on 96.1 FM. It is also broadcasted worldwide through the Several phone numbers are available to listen to the radio in the U.S. (213-992-4385 / 712-432-5879) and France ( You can also download our app “Shekinah 96.1 fm” on you Android (Google Play) or iPhone (App Store).
In Haiti, Radio Shekinah is broadcast live on Radio Lumière (Port-au-Prince) every Sunday from 9pm-12am. It is also on Radio Piscine (Gonaives), Radio Victoire (Mirebalais), Radio Prestance Ideal (Port-de-Paix) and many others.