Pastor Gregory Toussaint has published ten new books in English and French during the “Arise and Shine 2016 Conference”. He signed the new books at Bank United Center last July. Published first on e-book format, these books are now available in print at Tabernacle of Glory’s offices and during Sunday services at North Miami Senior High.

Among the ten new printed books are: I know Who I Am, Unshakeable Faith, Finding the love of your life, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Secrets of the Kingdom etc.

These books add to “Terrasser les tereurs de la Nuit” (Terrorizing the terrors of the Night) and Jezebel Unveiled which was reissued this year in French, English and Spanish.

These books aim at feeding your soul and your spirit, renewing your thoughts and putting them into agreement with God’s Word. To see profound changes in your life, you need to think differently and to think according to the Word of God.

Feed your spirit and soul with solid food; renew your mind with the Word of God, more alive and more powerful than ever. Check Pastor G Library online, click on the following link: