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Pastor Gregory Toussaint announced on Sunday Sept 13 the launching of 3 Tabernacle of Glory campuses: New-York, Boston and Cap-Haitian (Haiti). Shortly after the announcement, many other cities wish they could also host a TG campus.

New York, Boston and Cap-Haitian will be the first TG campuses. They will officially be inaugurated in Easter 2016, according to Pastor Toussaint. For New-York and Boston, Pastors Rimsky Toussaint and Bornéon Accimé agreed with Pastor Gregory Toussaint to convert their churches, respectively Hosanna Worship Center and Fruit Bearing Worship Assembly, into campuses.

Interviewed by Shekinah Radio, Pastor Gregory Toussaint explained: “We were praying about it and we come to the conclusion to convert these two churches into TG campuses. But in fact, we’ll just change their names because they were already TG. They had the same style, the same spirit. We just made it official”.

“Before going further, continues Gregory Toussaint, let’s precise that we usually don’t convert existing churches into campuses, we usually plant churches like we do in Cap-Haitian (Haiti). However, when Pastors Rimsky (New-York) and Bornéon (Boston) were founding their churches, their initial intent was to be like Tabernacle of Glory. Besides, TG was itself was very involved in planting these churches; they just didn’t have the name Tabernacle of Glory. Now they do”.

Pastor Bornéon Accimé confirmed: “Tabernacle of Glory has always been a model for us in Boston. Besides, Fruit Bearing Worship Assembly looks like Tabernacle of Glory. We have the same vision; we just didn’t have the same name. God confirmed that the same spirit was operating in the two churches.”

Pastor Rimsky Toussaint added: “When we announced the name change at Hosanna Worship Center, our parishioners were very happy to be now part of TG. Since we have the same vision, it was not necessary to operate under different names. It’s a privilege to function under the same umbrella, to be part of the same anointing”.

One of the reasons for these two churches to come under the same TG umbrella is because that “we came to the conclusion that we make more impact in God’s kingdom when we operate in unity, sharing the same vision and being under the same authority. We become more efficient and more powerful”, indicated Pastor Greg.

Boston and New-York are not the only ones that wish to be part of the Tabernacle of Glory campus movement. Many people, particularly in USA and Canada, are asking for a TG-like church to be planted in cities like New Jersey, Montreal, Philadelphia etc. People in the Antilles want to be part of TG too. “I have received an e-mail from French Guyana about planting a church over there. We are praying about it, asking God for guidance. Presently, we are planting a church in Haiti. We are working in Cap-Haitian”, said Pastor Gregory Toussaint.

“All of this is a manifestation of God’s Glory. We will bring this glory all over the earth”, concludes Pastor Greg who just launched at Tabernacle of Glory a new series about God’s glory called “Arise and Shine”.

Shekinah Radio is expanding also
Tabernacle of Glory is expanding and so is Shekinah Radio. The TG Christian radio now covers many cities in Haiti such as Cap-Haitian, Gonaives, Port-de-Paix, St-Louis du Nord, Cayes, Jacmel, Mirebalais, Hinche, Jeremie, La Gonave and Miragoane. Port-au-Prince is coming soon.

TG Boston Campus is located at 47 Lawrence Ave, Dorchester, MA 02121 • Phone: (617) 652-6071.
TG New York Campus is located at 1326 Hempstead Tpke (Covert Ave & Remsen St), Elmont, New York. Phone: (516) 497-8359.
Tabernacle of Glory Miami is located at 990 NE 125th Street, Suite 200, North Miami, 33161, FL (Administration). Sunday Services location: North Miami Senior High: 13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161• Phone: 3058990101

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