“We won’t just have Shekinah Night anymore but we will have a whole weekend to worship the Lord and live the glory”, announced Pastor Gregory Toussaint in January. From this weekend on, Shekinah Night will be a two-day event that will take place on Friday Feb. 3rd and Saturday Feb. 4th at North Miami Senior High Auditorium 13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161. Time: 6PM.   

Shekinah Night is a prayer night vigil held by Tabernacle of Glory every first Friday of the month at North Miami Senior High School. Shekinah Night started back in February 2013. It is a night of great testimony, passionate worship and fervent prayers followed by a lot of people both on site and online.

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From Feb. 3, Shekinah Night will become a weekend of worship, testimony, prayers and powerful Bible teaching. The first night, Friday, Feb. 3, will minister to the Creole/French attendance. The second night, Saturday, Feb. 4, will target the English-speaking audience, particularly the youth and the young adults, indicates our Pastor.

Until now, Shekinah Night mostly catered to the Creole and French speaking crowd. The English-Speaking audience will have now the occasion to be ushered into God’s glory with the English version of Shekinah Night that will start on Feb. 4.