Enseigne moi

From 8 to 12 January 2017, “EnseigneMoi”, a well-known evangelical media in the French-speaking world, and the Christian television channel EMCI TV broadcasted a series of teachings by Pastor Gregory Toussaint on the Fullness of the Holy Spirit.

“EnseigneMoi” and EMCI TV aired a series of edifying teachings by Pastor Gregory Toussaint titled “The Fullness of the Holy Spirit”. The broadcast started Sunday evening, January 8. Our pastor taught about the importance of the Psalms in the quest for the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

“Psalms have a special virtue because they are linked to the presence of God,” said Pastor Gregory on the set of the TV program “Inspired Prayers” hosted by the French pastor Jérémy Soudril, co-founder of EnseigneMoi Ministries and Director of EMCI TV, an online Christian television station. “The Book of Psalms is a book of praise, and in Psalm 22: 4, God promised to sit in the midst of the praises of his people,” continued our Pastor.

On Monday evening, EnseigneMoi and EMCI TV broadcasted a second show on the importance of hymns and spiritual hymns. Tuesday evening was broadcast the show titled “Sing to the Lord with all your heart”.  Wednesday: “Give thanks to the Lord”, and Thursday, “The importance of mutual submission”. On these occasions, Pasteur Gregory Toussaint also had the opportunity to pray for the numerous Internet users and viewers.


This teaching, taken from Ephesians 5:18 (“Do not get drunk with wine: it is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit”), is part of a series of messages titled The Fullness Of the Holy Spirit that Pastor Gregory Toussaint is currently preaching at the Tabernacle of Glory. The TV program broadcast by EnseigneMoi and EMCI TV will give the numerous French-speaking followers of Tabernacle of Glory the opportunity to be blessed by this uplifting teaching.

About “EnseigneMoi”

Based in France and Canada, “EnseigneMoi” is an evangelical multimedia ministry (website, blog, television, audio etc.) mostly known in the French-speaking Christian world. The adventure began in 2004 with the launch of the “EnseigneMoi” Association in France by Jérémy Sourdril and Michaël Lebeau. In 2010, Pasteur Sourdril founded with Michaël Lebeau the Charitable Organization ” EnseigneMoi Ministries”, based in Canada. In English, “EnseigneMoi” means Teach Me.

“EnseigneMoi” is a Christian website that contains the resources needed to help Francophone believers succeed in their Christian life. Biblical studies, edifying programs, articles, sermons, testimonies, excerpts from evangelical books, etc. can be found on this website. We can also find translated into French sermons and teachings by American speakers such as Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer or TD Jakes. In 2015, EnseigneMoi launched the evangelical TV channel EMCI TV which aims to become the TBN of the French-speaking world.