Shekinah App has changed. It became a more attractive tool to lead people in God’s presence and to bless them. It also became a more interactive app connecting people with God and with other people.   

A new app for the New Year! The brand new Shekinah App has been launched on January 5th 2016 and since then it is being praised by everyone. People just love it, mostly because of its new feature, the Glory Wall, G-Wall for short, allowing the app users to communicate with each other. “It’s like the new app had its own Facebook wall where people can share prayers, biblical verses, remarks etc” explains Gregory Toussaint, Tabernacle of Glory Senior Pastor.

“The G-Wall will make it easier for people to pray for one another. How? When you post your prayer request on the Glory Wall, all of our 50 000 users are going to see it and may pray with you”, says Pastor Greg.

The new app’s goal is to connect with God and with believers around the world. is radio, television and social network app at the same time. It broadcasts Christian content and connects believers around the world.

With the new app, Shekinah Radio listeners still can listen to the radio in 4 languages and watch the services live; they still can donate, request prayer, shop etc.

As new features, besides the G-Wall, Shekinah App added Photos, Schedule, News, Top Users and so on.  The feature Top Users allows the app to reward people for using it. “Now we can know who uses the app the most and send them gifts every week or month”, confirms Pastor Greg.

The app also has a feature called Schedule that will announce TG’s events and let people register through the app.

That’s just some of the new features of Shekinah App. To find out more, download it HERE!