The book “Jezebel Unveiled” published in 2008 by Pastor Gregory Toussaint was reissued in 2016. This book was revamped after eight years of publication. The book that had caused a sensation in the evangelical circle in its first edition is now available in several languages, including Haitian Creole.

The success of “Jezebel Unveiled”, the first book of Pastor Gregory Toussaint, has remained constant through the years. The number of readers has steadily increased and the requests multiplied. As a result, the book was out of stock, it could not be found in bookstores or even online.

To remedy this lack, “Jezebel Unveiled” was reissued this year. The book is an awakening to spiritual warfare. It aims to warn its readers against Jezebel, this demonic principality who seduces, divides, manipulates and destroys.

First published in French and English, the book is now available in Spanish and Haitian Creole. Creole version is available online (Payhip).