Picture yourself: flashing lights blinding you and the shout of your name drowning your eardrums… the perfect portrait of how God sees you. You’re probably thinking, “This is not how I was raised in my Christian household.”
I too was under the impression that humility and obscurity were God’s desire. Embracing passivity is what I am supposed to do. But what if I said, “God has called you to shine?” In 2014, I participated in a Jehosaphat 40-Day Fast at Tabernacle of Glory where I learned that although the situations surrounding me seemed unfavorable, God would lead me to shine in the eyes of my adversaries. In 2015, I took part in another 40-day fast themed Conquering the Giants, where I was equipped to overcome battles.
When we experience His manifestations in all of creation, it can only lead us to believe that our sole purpose is to shine in all aspects of our lives. We were created as a reflection of His image and when we think of His glorious works, all we can do is arise and shine!
If you are tired of being stuck in the shadows and attacked by the enemy, I challenge you to do something different and attend the third-annual fast at Tabernacle of Glory that will be held from June 19th-July 31st, 2016. To the world, fasting is the act of depriving yourself of food and drink; however, you will learn, more importantly, that fasting strengthens your spirit, and serves as a spiritual cleansing of your soul and body. This fast is your opportunity to stop shying away from God’s camera. Come partake as our first speaker, Pastor Yvan Castanou, teaches ways to transform your life! Keep the films rolling as we announce our next special guest on our next blog!