Beyond his celebrity, Donnie Mcclurkin is primarily a worshiper. He proved it on two occasions at Tabernacle of Glory, first in January, then in July 2016.

Donnie Mcclurkin does not come often to minister to the Haitian community in Miami. On two occasions, Tabernacle of Glory had the privilege of receiving this extraordinary worshiper who has been glorifying the Lord Jesus throughout the world for several years.

Donnie Mcclurkin is not only a well-known figure of the evangelical world; he crossed over and reached the ears and heart of the secular world. The psalmist has an international career and made it a point of singing in the languages of the different nations he ministers to, either Japan or the African countries. Donnie has not been to Haiti yet, but he ministered to the Haitian community in Miami twice. He first performed at the Tabernacle of Glory on January 1st, 2016, at the event “12 Nights of Worship”. He had returned to TG at the “Arise and Shine 2016” Conference on July 28.


When Donnie Mcclurkin sings among Haitians, he makes it a point of singing in Creole as well as in French. The singer knows the popular Haitian tune “Louwe Louwe, Gloire à Jesus, peche yo m efase” (Praise to Jesus, my sins have been washed). “But that’s all I know,” he confessed during his first visit in January. The artist had not only sung but preached as well (he is also a pastor). “My first sermon for 2016 will be in a Haitian church”, noted then the senior pastor of Perfecting Faith Church (311 N. Main Street Freeport, NY 11520).

At the end of his sermon, Donnie Mcclurkin shared his personal testimony with the audience. It was the poignant story of a man who started from scratch, a victim of all kinds of abuse (verbal, physical, sexual) that became a millionaire and one of the best-known voices of Christian music worldwide.

Finally, Donnie Mcclurkin worshiped God with Tabernacle of Glory. The world famous artist sang several songs of his repertoire as the famous “I call you faithful” which was sung in unison by the crowd. He also introduced to Tabernacle of Glory an African evangelical song entitled “Imela” which means “thank you.”

“We invited Donnie Mcclurkin, not because he is famous, but because he is a worshiper,” said then Pastor Gregory Toussaint, host of the event.

During his second visit last July at the Conference “Arise and Shine 2016”, Pastor and singer Donnie Mcclurkin had briefly sang a few tunes from his repertoire and preached fervently about the passion of Christ.