Tabernacle of Glory’s Arise and Shine Conference kicked off Thursday night July 28th at Bank United Center (BUC), 1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146. Thousands of people attended the first day of the conference that will end on July 31st.

The second annual Miracle Conference returns to the Bank United Center (BUC) in Coral Gables from July 28 to July 31, 2016. The 4-day conference will gloriously close out the 40-day Fast that started on June 19th at North Miami Senior High Gymnasium. “God did a lot of miracles during the first 36 days of the fast, he will do even more during the last 4 days of the conference”, declared Pastor Gregory Toussaint who kicked off the conference with the signing of his latest books.

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The conference was scheduled to start off at 6pm, but hours before, thousands of people were standing in line eagerly waiting to get into the BUC auditorium. Many came from other States within the US or from other countries like Haiti, Canada, France, Dominican Republic and so on.

At 5pm, Pastor Gregory Toussaint started the event by signing his latest books: “I know who I am”, “Unshakeable”, “Finding the Love of your life”, and more. Thousands of people got in line to have their book signed by the senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Glory.

The conference kicked off with worship and ended with praise. In the middle of it all, Pastor Gregory Toussaint, Pastor Ronn Haus and Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin preached, prayed, exhorted, sang and called to salvation.

Pastor Gregory Toussaint started off with the story of the Samaritan woman that couldn’t find satisfaction despite her numerous husbands. “The Samaritan woman is a figure of humanity that abandoned her spiritual husband, God, to collect multiple ‘husbands’. Those husbands may be philosophies, religions, knowledge, wealth, but like the Samaritan woman, we are never satisfied until we find satisfaction in God”, explained Pastor Toussaint.

13652990_703339843148326_1641749331750721251_oPastor Donnie Mcclurkin on his side was impassioned about the Passion of Christ. He acted out how Jesus was crucified and rose again, and delivered a powerful message of redemption. “Jesus could not die until he laid down his life. Jesus is life. One cannot take life from life”, the pastor-singer preached. Before his sermon, Pastor Mcclurkin sang a little bit in Creole and French, to the delight of the Haitian crowd. “Louwe, louwe, Gloire à Jésus, that’s all I know”, the famous singer confessed.

At the end of the service, Pastor Gregory Toussaint called to those who wanted to dedicate their life to preaching the Gospel, and thousands of people made it to the front. A lot of people also found Jesus that night, which rejoiced the heart of God and the angels in heaven.

The night ended with praise and worship by Brother Samuel Robuste who heated up the Bank United Center Auditorium to the glory of God.

The conference will continue Friday until Sunday. Each night will be filled with passionate worship, fervent prayer, and the uncompromised Word of God. Witness the mute speak, the deaf hear, and the paralyzed walk! Your personal miracle and testimony await. This event is a grand finale to our 40 days of fasting. Come witness the manifestation of God’s power! Special guests this year include Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, singer Ingrid Rosario, Pastor Yvan Castanou, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and our Senior Pastor Gregory Toussaint.