“I miss the 40 days of fasting and the 4-day conference already,” posted one of our followers on Facebook a few days after the “Arise and Shine 2016” conference, which ended last Sunday, July 31st at Bank United Center. But this isn’t goodbye; we will be back next summer for 40 days of praise, prayer, teaching, testimonies, miracles, 40 days of glory.

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Sunday, July 31st, thousands of people flocked to Bank United Center (1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146) to attend the closing of the 4-day conference “Arise and Shine 2016” organized by the Tabernacle Glory led by Pastor Gregory Toussaint. The 4-day conference itself ended the 40 days of fasting launched on June 19th in North Miami Senior High Gymnasium. God showed his Glory during the event from the beginning to the end.


“Mark your calendar the date of June 18 to July 30; it is the date booked for our next 40 days of fasting next year”, said Pastor Gregory Toussaint to the large crowd that had filled the Bank United Center, a sports complex with a capacity of 8,000 people.

Sunday evening was the peak of the 4-day conference, held from July 28th to 31st at the Bank United Center. The event ended with passionate worship and testimonies of miraculous healings that strengthened the faith of the listeners and glorified the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There have been plenty of these testimonies during the 40 days of fasting, which proves that God was present to show his glory.

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“One of the reasons why God performs miracles today is not only to help people but to prove that He exists and He is not an idea or a philosophy,” explained the pastor Toussaint who taught on how to receive a miracle from God. “Do not come just to attend a service or for a prayer, come with a huge expectation, a deep desire to receive something from God.”

2300 new souls in the Kingdom

One of the highlights of the event “Arise and Shine 2016” was the number of people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ. At the end of the event, over 2,300 people came out of the darkness into the marvelous light of the Gospel. 2300 new souls entered the kingdom of God, isn’t it wonderful?

“I want to see hell empty and heaven filled” declared the famous Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who had preached Sunday evening. The international evangelist, particularly known for his great crusades in Africa, taught how Christ came to earth to set free the captives bound in satanic prison cells. “The Gospel, no offense to Luther, is not reformation or renovation, it is liberation! Be free in Jesus name!”, exclaimed the German evangelist, an actual ” Faith Hero” who brought more than 50 million souls to Christ during his long ministry.

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Worship and Praise

The last day of the conference was also marked by the performance of the Haitian psalmist Delly Benson; he had blessed the people of God with his talent and, above all, with the divine anointing on his life. It was a great time of worship and praise.

Worship and praise – alongside with teaching, prayers, and testimonies – were two pillars of the 40 days of fasting. They have helped to bring God’s Glory and, when this glory was released, it brought miracles, the sick were healed and chains were broken. We must thank God for the anointed Worship Team of Tabernacle of Glory, Pastor Gregory Toussaint himself, but also the Psalmist Samuel Robuste who had been priceless during these 40 days. The divine anointing is definitely on this brother who has the gift to move the crowds and lead them into another dimension of worship.

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The event “Arise and Shine 2016” was also multicultural. The audience was composed of various races and nationalities such as Hispanics, Africans, African Americans, Caucasians and, of course, Haitians. Most activities were in Creole/French but simultaneous translations were available onsite (4 languages) and on TG website (77 languages). The worship was also multicultural. Brother Ben-Hur Berroa led the crowd in North Miami gymnasium and Bank United Center before the Throne in Spanish. The performance of Ingrid Rosario was also highly acclaimed Saturday, July 30. The Spanish-American gospel artist has presented an excellent performance that dazzled many. We could glorify God with Ingrid’s popular tunes such as “Que se llene tu casa”, “Te Bendeciré” (I will bless you Lord) etc.

“Louwe, Louwe”

Pastor and singer Donnie Mcclurkin had briefly sung a few tunes from his repertoire during his time on the first day of the conference, Thursday, July 28. The famous singer had sung especially in Creole (“Louwe, Louwe, glory to Jesus”), which had greatly rejoiced the heart of the Haitian crowd. “But that’s all I know,” confessed the African-American singer who was at Bank United Center especially to preach the Word of God, and he did brilliantly. Pastor Mcclurkin preached passionately about the Passion of Christ. “Jesus could not die until he laid down his life. Jesus is life. One cannot take life for life. Jesus accepted to lay down his life to save you and me,” preached the pastor-singer.

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300 new TG members

Another highlight of the conference “Arise and Shine 2016” was the graduation of 300 new TG members on July 30th. It was very moving to see these new members, coming from the New York, Boston and Haiti campuses, and of course from Miami, join the big Tabernacle of Glory family. Right after the graduation ceremony, Pastor Gregory Toussaint confirmed and anointed the three pastors of the TG campuses: Rimsky Toussaint (New York), Borneon Accimé and Elie Casséus (Cap-Haitien).

Satanic altars and Jezebel

Spiritual warfare was at the heart of the 40 days of fasting. Spiritual warfare prayers were recited every night. Pastor Yvan Castanou coming from France (Impact Christian Center) addressed the theme of satanic altars and how they may speak against our destiny. He taught how to thwart these evil altars action by the Word of God.

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Pastor Gregory Toussaint had also taught about spiritual warfare by preaching on the theme of “Jezebel”. On Saturday 30 July, he taught how this spirit keeps Haiti in its grip and prevented the country from going forward. He also announced the republication of his bestselling book “Jezebel Unveiled”. During the conference, Toussaint Pasteur signed several of his new books, including “I Know Who I Am “Finding the Love of your life”, “Unshakeable Faith” etc.

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Several personalities from the socio-political sphere of the city of North Miami were honored during the 40 days of fasting including Mayor Smith Joseph congresswoman Frederica Wilson. The 40 days of fasting were broadcast in particular on Island TV,  Shekinah TV, Facebook Live, Shekinah Radio, the Shekinah network in Haiti, Radio Tele Lumiere etc. Thus, millions of people could follow the event around the world.

“We want to start a revolution with Tabernacle of Glory. Instead of waiting for a miracle every year, we pray that God will use His people next year to spread miracles all around. We want also to be a model of excellence that other churches can emulate”, concludes Pastor Gregory Toussaint.

Many have testified that the 40 days of fasting were a blessing for them and their families. Many were healed, delivered, transformed, and saved by the power of the Holy Spirit. The numerous testimonies received 40 days are a living proof. See you next year for another life-changing experience!

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