Tribute Henry Toussaint1

NORTH MIAMI, FL — Sunday, Sept 20th, the Haitian community in North Miami was mourning the tragic passing of Henry Toussaint, a North Miami Senior High School student who died on Sept 15th in a car accident while crossing the streets to get to his school.

At the auditorium of North Miami, where the church Tabernacle of Glory led by Pastor Gregory Toussaint was holding a farewell ceremony to the departed, the screams of Henry’s classmates were heart-wrenching.

“When Henry woke up this fateful Tuesday, he was not thinking about death, he surely imagined that he would go through the day, have fun with his friends, attend classes and go back home; however, the cruel fate had decided otherwise”, said Pastor Toussaint.

That Sunday afternoon, North Miami Auditorium resounded with cries and moans of students mourning a classmate and a dear friend. “As Henry’s friends, we seek to make sense of this. As a community, we express our sad and acknowledge our loss. As long as we are alive, we hope to keep his memory alive”, said one of the Henry’s classmates.

“My brother was the only one I had. He wanted to see me walk and I wanted to see him walk. I’m sure my brother would be happy to see all you here, especially his friends”, said Henry’s sister on the verge of tears.

Henry’s father, Claude Toussaint, thanked the Haitian community, especially the church, for their support in that difficult time. “This loss was so unexpected”, he said.

The school’s principal, Mr. Daryl Branton, was also present at that special ceremony with some members of his administrative team. He thanked Tabernacle of Glory for proposing to help in this “stressful time”. Speaking to Claude Toussaint, the principal assured him that he was not alone in this ordeal and that the community was standing with him. The former North Miami mayor Andre Pierre was also present.

Pastor Gregory then asked the crowd to pray with the Toussaint family and asked God to comfort them.
“As a church worshipping in the school auditorium, we felt compelled to do something after the tragedy. This was an unexpected loss; nobody plans to bury their 15-year old. That’s why we organized a special service to pray for them, comfort and support them spiritually and financially”, said Pastor Greg.

To conclude, Pastor Gregory Toussaint declared that none of us know which day will be our last. “Will you be ready to face eternity when this dreadful day will come?”

Jonel Juste