Honor. If the evening could be summarized in a single word, that would be it.  The glory and power of God manifests where there is honor.  Where the presence of the Most High is honored and where the earthly authorities He set in place are honored as His appointed vessels, the power of God is augmented. Thus, the set up was appropriate for the move of the Holy Spirit that the congregation of Tabernacle of Glory(TG) experienced for the launch of the 40 Days of Fasting on Sunday, June 19th.

worshipPastor Gregory Toussaint introduced his spiritual father and mentor, Reverend Wilner Prudent, along with his family to the entire TG/Shekinah audience, including the live audiences in the North Miami Senior High Gym, New York, Boston, and Cap Haitian campuses, viewers on Island TV,,, and listeners on Shekinah Radio.

“We wanted Pastor Prudent to officially kick-off our 40 Days of Fasting because he is a model for me, a spiritual father, and someone who is constantly on his knees, praying for this ministry”, said Pastor Greg.  Pastor Greg presented a plaque to Rev. Prudent as a token of gratitude and reverence for his example as a man of fervent prayer and his legacy in the Kingdom.

In turn, Rev. Prudent prayed for his spiritual son, the Toussaint family, and the ministry.  He expressed how rare it is to find a young man who is so dedicated to ministry. He went on to say that God had chosen Pastor Gregory Toussaint for such a time as this. Finally, Pastor Prudent passed a figurative torch to Pastor Greg to continue the legacy of preaching the Gospel to the nations. “We have to recognize someone who will go further and we must encourage him,” he declared. He then charged the audience to pray for Pastor Greg. “For Pastor Greg to last long in ministry, he will need intercessors.”

prudent prudent1 crowd1 pastorg crowd light

That night miracles happened.  The Presence of God was heavy in the sanctuary as the congregation worshipped and honored God.  People were physically and instantaneously healed, many souls came to Christ, and chains were broken.

Now two weeks into the 40 Days of Fasting, the people have enjoyed two weeks of teaching on the theme “I Know Who I Am,” which is about spiritual identity through Christ. Along with two weeks of worship, healing, miracles, testimonies, and salvation of souls. Indeed, many people have given their lives to Christ, which is one of the main goals of this spiritual revival. Pastor Greg teaches, “You must know you are from God, not from a snake or a monkey, but from God; the rock from which you were hewn (Isaiah 51: 1). You are a spirit because God is spirit; you have a soul; and you live in a body.” As more people come this realization, at the end of the 40 days, TG prays to win at least 2500 souls for Christ.

Moreover, the following Sunday, June 26, TG honored two individuals in the community who allowed the 40 Days of Fasting to be held at North Miami Senior High School. “Without the support of these people, it would not be possible,” Pastor Greg said as he handed a plaque to the City of North Miami Mayor, Dr. Smith Joseph, then to the principal of the institution, Mr. Daryl Branton, for his hospitality. Mr Branton thanked Pastor Gregory Toussaint for his service to the community. Then Mayor Joseph praised Pastor Greg for his leadership and raising the standards of the community.

Another pivotal moment that took place that evening was when the Dominican pastor, Pastor John Santana, head of the Hispanic Ministry at the TG, said that Haiti will be no longer  known as the land of Voodoo but as the country of Great Revival. “Long despised, Haiti will be the instrument of God to confound the nations and to bring out the divine glory,” prophesied Pastor Santana.

Then, the pastors, Gregory Toussaint and John Santana, joined hands and prayed for harmony between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the two wings of the same bird that represents the island of Hispaniola. “We stand against any form of division, racism, selfishness and prejudice between the two peoples sharing the island,” the two pastors prayed.

The 40 Days of Fasting is broadcast live every night on Radio TV Shekinah,, Facebook Live, Island TV, and Youtube. The services are taking place simultaneously at 4 sites: Miami, New York, Boston and Cap Haitian.

The culmination of 40 Days of Fasting is the Arise & Shine4-day Conference at the Bank United Center to be held from 29thto 31st of July. Internationally renowned ministers will be there.

40 Days of Fasting

June 19- July 28, 2016 at 7pm nightly

(No services on Saturdays)

North Miami Senior High Gymnasium

13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161


Arise & Shine Conference

July 29-31, 2016

Bank United Center (BUC)

Dauer Dr. 1245, Coral Gables, FL 33146

*Free tickets available

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Call us at (786) 505-1580 or (305) 899-0101