MIAMI.- Tabernacle of Glory had a good harvest of souls during the 40 days of fasting held from 19 June to 31 July. More than 2,300 new souls entered the Kingdom. In addition, 300 new members joined the big family of Tabernacle of Glory.

“The latest figures I have received show that 2310 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time during the 40 days of fasting,” said Pastor Gregory Toussaint last Sunday.


In the 40 days of fasting, many were called to repentance. Thousands of people were able to give their lives to Jesus, whether in North Miami Senior High Gymnasium, at Bank United Center, in New York, Boston and Haiti campuses, on Radio TV Shekinah or on social networks (Facebook in particular). Listeners, viewers and Internet users were able to send a text to a special phone number to request salvation. In the campus of Haiti, Cap-Haitian, a voodoo priestess gave her life to Christ.

This abundant harvest of souls was one of the goals of the 40 days of fasting at Tabernacle of Glory and we glorify the Lord for it. A welcoming ceremony will be given by Tabernacle of Glory in honor of the new converts next Sunday.


In addition, 300 new members have joined the great family of Tabernacle of Glory during a graduation ceremony which was held on 30 July. These new members came from the three TG campuses (New York, Boston and Cap-Haitian) and from TG headquarter in Miami.

Our Pastor Gregory Toussaint, who chaired the ceremony, first reminded the new members the general vision of Tabernacle of Glory, which is the Glory of God. “We want everything we do to contribute to God’s Glory, hence our name,” said the Reverend.

Pastor Gregory Toussaint then spoke of the seven pillars of the Tabernacle of Glory that are: passionate worship, fervent prayer, faithful application of Scripture, sincere fellowship, effective evangelism, discipleship, and multiculturalism.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, new members were invited to say “Yes I Will” to signify their adherence to the terms of the agreement binding them to their new assembly.

“The membership is a covenant between the members and this ministry. This means that the church has its responsibility towards the members and that the members must assume their responsibility towards the church, “said Pastor Gregory Toussaint.

“On the confession of your faith, we now accept you as living members of the body of Christ in general and of Tabernacle of Glory in particular “, concluded Pastor Gregory Toussaint before praying for the 300 new members.

Note that some members of the Tabernacle of Glory campus in Haiti were able to travel from Cap-Haitian to Miami Saturday, July 30, in order to attend the ceremony. They were warmly welcomed by the members of other campuses. “TG Cap-Haitian is considered our first international campus”, said Pastor Gregory Toussaint.

With more than 1,500 members, Tabernacle of Glory started in 2005 with a dozen people.

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