12 nights

A supernatural year, such was the wish of Pastor Gregory Toussaint at the end of the 12 Nights of Worship that took place from December 21 to January 1. TG’s shepherd wished that 2017 would be a year of astonishing life, a year to walk in the supernatural.

The Supernatural was the central theme of the 12 Nights of Worship held by Tabernacle of Glory at North Miami Senior High School. The principle of these 12 nights was to claim, through prayer, a particular divine blessing for each month of the year. January is the month of supernatural wisdom; February: the month of supernatural revelation; Mars: supernatural breakthroughs; April: supernatural victories; May: supernatural presence; June: supernatural fear; July: supernatural domination; August: supernatural tranquility; September: supernatural audacity; October: Supernatural prosperity; November: supernatural overcoming; and December: supernatural health.

For 12 nights, the large crowd gathered at the North Miami Senior High Gymnasium, led by Pastor Gregory Toussaint, prayed powerfully to the Lord, asking him to pour all these blessings into their lives for the coming year. Pastor Gregory also taught the audience how to walk in the supernatural. To walk in supernatural, one needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Praise and Worship were, of course, a key element of this spiritual event. TG Worship Team, as usual, led the crowd in deep worship with uplifting hymns and songs from the “Chants d’Esperance”. The psalmists Samuel Robuste and Delly Benson also contributed to the worship service. Coming from Haiti, Benson presented a few songs from his new album entitled “To God Be Glory”. The two psalmists were a blessing for the audience and the thousands of people who followed the event on Island TV, Shekinah Radio, Facebook, and Youtube.

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The 12 Nights of Worship were also the occasion to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Radio Shekinah. This young evangelical station began as a one-hour broadcast on another radio station in Florida. It has finally become a network of radio stations that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

For its last three days, 12 Nights of Worship have been held at two venues: the auditorium and the gymnasium of North Miami Senior High School. At the gymnasium gathered the Creole-speaking audience, and the auditorium hosted a special event for the English-speaking crowd composed for the most part of young people. It was an opportunity to usher TG youth into God’s glory.

The 12 Nights of Worship, held during the end of the year, were the occasion to offer the greatest gift: salvation. The end of the year is usually the time when many unbelievers go to church. It was a good opportunity to announce the gospel to them, and many of them actually surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. More than a hundred new members have also joined Tabernacle of Glory.