Tabernacle of Glory’s 12 Nights of Worship ended on January 3rd at the gymnasium of North Miami Senior High School, a sports complex with a capacity of 2000 people. Passionate worship, fervent prayers, miraculous healings, and edifying teachings have characterized those 12 nights.

From the beginning (December 23) until the end (January 3), the 12 nights of worship were packed, either in the North Miami Senior High School auditorium or in the gymnasium that can accommodate respectively 1000 and 2000 people. The divine anointing was very strong during those events hosted by Pastor Gregory Toussaint who led the audience into worship and prayer while providing edifying teachings on various themes.

1929355_507645472693966_6106912306693810810_nOne of the goals of the 12 Nights of Worship was to end 2015 and start 2016 in glory. Pastor Toussaint gave out to his audience practical tips to help them live in glory throughout 2016, either spiritually, financially or socially. Then he had them repeat powerful spiritual warfare prayers taken from the Bible.

Each evening stood for a month of the last year and a month of the coming year. Each month featured a different theme. January was the month of wisdom; February: family blessings; March: Divine prosperity; April: supernatural breakthrough; May: effortless wins; June: month of Joy of the Lord; July: Month of supernatural encounters; August: property rendition; September manifestation of God’s glory in your life; October: Health; November: divine favor; December: the month to conquer the promised lands.

One of the best Nights of Worship was that from 1 January 2016 to which was invited the well-known pastor and singer Donnie Mcclurkin. “We invited Donnie Mcclurkin, not because he is famous, but because he is a worshiper, and as we’re teaching on worship, we invited Pastor Mcclurkin to talk to us,” said Gregory Toussaint, Tabernacle of Glory’s Senior Pastor and the main organizer of the event.

For his part, the Senior Pastor of the Perfecting Faith Church in New York said he was happy to deliver his first sermon of 2016 at Tabernacle of Glory. “God is with you, He is with you the God who created the universe. Do you understand that?”, said Donnie Mcclurkin who, at the end of his sermon, shared his personal story with the audience. It was the poignant story of a man who lived in abject poverty, a victim of all kinds of abuse (verbal, physical, sexual) but who came out victorious in Jesus name. Today he is a millionaire and one of the best Gospel singers of this generation. His secret to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and abuse? A sacrificial offering of $ 75 (all he had then) who opened him the doors of divine prosperity. Finally, Donnie Mcclurkin worshiped God with Tabernacle of Glory. A glorious night it was!

January 2 & 3, the special guest of the 12 Nights of Worship was the singer Ingrid Rosario, celebrated figure of Gospel music in the Latin and American landscapes, and current Spanish worship leader at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, Texas. Among others, Ingrid sang “I will bless the Lord” which led the audience into another dimension of worship.

The nights of January 1, 2 & 3 were multicultural. The worship was in Creole, French, Spanish and English. The audience was also very multicultural, composed of Haitians, white and black Americans, Hispanics, Africans, Caribbeans etc. Translation devices were available.

We must also remember the night of December 31 as one of the most attended. The gymnasium was packed and many couldn’t get in. The evening of January 3, the last one, was marked by miraculous healings and inspiring testimonies of those that the Lord had touched. Several people gave their lives to Jesus during the 12 Nights to the glory of God.

Finally, Tabernacle of Glory (TG) presented its 2015 achievements such as the purchase of a large piece of property to build the church, the expansion of TG to cities like New York, Boston and Cap-Haitian (Haiti), the expansion of Shekinah Radio in Haiti, social involvement in the community of North Miami etc. Pastor Gregory Toussaint also announced major projects in 2016 such as the inauguration of the Cap-Haitian TG campus, the expansion of TG to the Dominican Republic, the beginning of the church’s construction, and the 4-Day Miracle Conference that will be even more grandiose than the previous one. Glory!